Kyle Meisner
Most Likely to Succeed... Kyle Meisner

     I'm Kyle Meisner and I am a New York based performer. At an early age, my parents signed me up for dance classes to help me express my many emotions, but also to tire me out so I would actually go to bed. With a strong dance background and versatile theatre training, I love to create unique, theatrical performances that are imaginative and memorable.

     My hometown is Gettysburg, PA but I also spent some years in Belgium where I continued to train while attending school, traveling around Europe, and eating a lot of yummy Belgian chocolate. I recently finished up my degree at Marymount Manhattan College, and give tours of Radio City Music Hall on the weekends. When I'm not onstage, I love to express myself by creating original music. And I can often be found crying while watching This is Us or building forts in my living room. 


Much love,

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